Building Care Bathrooms:

The needs of the elderly and infirm are seldom uncomplicated and are often misunderstood. Particularly when it comes to discussing the facilities needed in a professionally designed and properly equipped care bathroom, an expert needs to be consulted to ensure that the needs of the people using the facility are adequately met. Most disorders, and this includes old age, are degenerative in nature.

This means that they will most certainly get worse and harder to live with over time, and more importantly, will present different challenges as this time passes. An elderly person who can wash him or herself today may soon and suddenly lose this ability, presenting their caregiver with a new type of challenge. This is the primary reason that when building a facility like a care bathroom in Sydney, the room and its equipment must be functional for today and adaptable to be changed for tomorrow.



Building Accessible Care Bathroom With Upgrade Bathrooms
Care Bathroom Design by Upgrade Bathrooms
Functional Care Bathroom by Upgrade Bathrooms

Installation Of Accessible Bathrooms:

There are uninitiated bathroom installers in the Sydney area who will tackle the installation of a care bathroom with the same mind-set that they would a luxury or family bathroom, and this can lead to disaster. Care bathrooms must be planned out properly with the following factors in mind:

  • How much surface area do we have to work with?
  • Will these needs change over time and, if so, can I adapt the bathroom to meet these needs later?
  • The health of the water system
  • The type of tapware that will minimise the risk of bacteria build-up in the plumbing system
  • The use of the correct, adjustable shower chairs, shower rails and bath seats
  • And even inclusion of advanced information systems for water control and water cost-savings

Other Factors Impacting Care and Accessible Bathroom Design:

Beyond just the installation, a care bathroom installer must also take into consideration:

  • The size, weight and height of the person using the care bathroom
  • The favoured left or right hand orientation of the person
  • How many different people (with each their own needs) will be using the same care bathroom facility

In short, installing or building a care bathroom is a bespoke job that should only be undertaken by a bathroom installer that has experience, understanding and know-how in the industry.

At Upgrade Bathrooms, we have years of experience in building and installing care / accessible bathrooms. We offer extensive interior design knowledge along with the highest standard of quality, craftsmanship and value for money to ensure that our care bathroom client’s needs are met every time.

Our installation team will offer you an obligation free consultation and quote.



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