We Build Smarter Laundries.


Despite the ongoing use and important role the laundry room plays in our homes, we tend to neglect these spaces compared to other areas of the home. At Upgrade, we provide unique laundry room renovations that will help add value to your home through custom cabinetry and layout techniques that maximise your floor space.



Laundry Room for Functional Space
Laundry Room and Cabinets Layout Renovations
Laundry Room for Minimising Mess and Maximising Space



Transform your laundry room into a functional space. 

As your expert home advisors, we ensure our laundry room solutions minimise mess and maximise space. We’ll advise on the best green-friendly machines, which will boost asking prices if the time comes to sell your home. We’ll also provide custom cabinet organisation solutions that can open up your living space and optimise your storage space.

Minimise mess and maximise space.

Want to brainstorm for Laundry ideas? Get inspired by looking at some of the laundry room renovations we’ve done for our happy customers over the past 30 years, we’ve included a series of examples below that showcase our laundry solution expertise.

If you dislike being in your laundry room, call us; we can transform your laundry room into a functional space, we service all areas of The Hills Shire, Blacktown and Parramatta.



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